Resources Consumers Use to Save Money and Choose the Best Folding Bike

While folding bikes are becoming more prevalent among cyclists, those who are trying to find the right folding bike for them are having some difficulty in choosing the most appropriate bike. Folding bikes, to many people, are kind of a new concept, so not a lot of people fully understand what it takes to make a great folding bike or what features are necessary for folding bikes to be a good fit for them.

Some consumers go in blind, just choosing whatever catches their eye or trying to compare the folding bikes they see to the bikes they are used to shopping for and cycling with. This doesn’t usually end very well for them, and a lot of consumers end up regretting the choice they have made.

For them to find the most suitable bike, they must make use of some powerful resources that they have at their disposal. They may not realize everything that is available to them, but a support market has sprung up for this bicycle niche. Those who know that this support is available can make great use of it and save money on a folding bike and be able to choose the most suitable bike for their situation.

Folding Bike Zone LLC is one company that is offering some great resources for consumers. They operate the site Folding Bike Zone LLC, which has tons of information on folding bikes. The site is brimming with information on prices, reviews, features and different aspects halving to do with folding bikes. Consumers can quickly and easily compare the folding bikes that have consistently made the top of the sales charts and that are most popular among cyclists, and they can contrast their options to find the best choice for them.

What works well for one consumer may not be a great choice for another, so it is important that each person wanting a folding bike compare what is out there. Folding Bike Zone LLC allows them to do just that, free of charge. This excellent resource is one of many that consumers can make use of so that they don’t end up regretting their folding bike choice and so that they can have the kind of bike that will work best for them.

Is Harassment a Crime And What Are The Penalties For it

Harassment offenses include stalking, hate crimes, and cyber bullying. It occurs when a person acts in a way designed to annoy, threaten, provoke, alarm torment or otherwise cause another person emotional distress. Some state and federal laws identify multiple ways in which harassment can be committed. However, not all petty annoyances constitute harassment; most state laws require that the behavior causes a credible threat or fear to the person´s or family´s safety. If you have been charged with this type of offense and want to know how to avoid jail time, click here.

Anyone accused of harassment needs to know the elements to consider it as a crime and its penalties

  • Many crimes including harassment, require specific intent, this means that the prosecutor must show that the defendant said or did something with the intent to annoy or intimidate the victim.
  • Actions that unintentionally cause distress are not considered harassment.
  • Harassment can be committed through non-verbal and verbal means. A person might use physical gestures to annoy or threaten a victim. A person also may intimidate the victim through a pattern of behavior such as showing up at the victim’s home or workplace. In some states harassment that includes monitoring and following the victim is known as stalking.
  • Harassment also occurs when a person uses and an electronic device such as a computer or phone to communicate threats, most of the time anonymously.

Penalties for harassment

All states recognize both felony and misdemeanor types of harassment. Almost every state punish first-time harassment offenses as misdemeanors, but punish subsequent harassment convictions as felonies. The state of California punishes as misdemeanors harassment threats that are intended to make a victim fear for his or her safety. In addition to fines and jail time, penalties for harassment may include court-ordered psychological counseling. Sentences frequently forbid the defendant from having indirect or direct contact with the victim. Violating this sentence can result in new charges such as revoking the probation or parole of someone convicted of harassment. A misdemeanor offense can result in punishment for one or two years in a county jail depending on the state.

Restraining orders

Harassment can result in civil actions brought by the victim. Someone that feels victimized by harassing behavior might look for a civil restraining order to prevent further harassment. Restraining order usually requires that the accused doesn´t have any contact, direct or indirect with the person seeking for protection. Violation of a civil restraining order can trigger criminal charges including felony charges.

Harassment refers to a variety of behaviors that can violate both civil and criminal laws. Sometimes, laws concerning harassment can be complicated, and the meaning of key parts can depend on how the court have interpreted them. If you are facing harassment charges, it is recommended to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands the charges and how the court have interpreted your case. This video explains in detail all the things that you need to know about harassment and some examples of it.

10 Harmful Myths About Your Skin

With at least ten silly (and harmful) myths about your skin going around, How in the world do you know if the information and advice you get is true?
Skin care product companies are trying to sell you their product… Your friends maybe don’t have a lot of medical knowledge, and are repeating things about skin that are not true… LIKE:

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1. Tanning is harmless
Exposure to ultraviolet light, UVA or UVB, accounts for 90% of the symptoms of premature skin aging. Both UVA and UVB radiation can cause skin damage including wrinkles, lowered immunity against infection, aging skin disorders, and cancer. The amount of damage to the skin caused by the sun is determined by the total lifetime amount of radiation exposure and the person’s pigment protection.

2. Acne is caused by what you eat
Acne is caused by over production of sebum (oil) and obstruction of the pores. The amount of sebum produced by the skin is regulated by hormones only, not food. This includes chocolate, greasy food, soda, and fast foods. These foods have absolutely NO effect on the hormones that regulate sebum production.

3. Dermatologists can diagnose any skin condition
Medicine is not always an exact science. Dermatologists spend at least 3 years learning about various skin disorders and are trained to diagnose a rash by giving a prioritized list of possibilities. Sometimes the response to treatment helps determine the diagnosis. Unfortunately, some people have rashes that fit several different disease profiles.

4. Topical (applied directly to the skin) antioxidants reverse wrinkles
Free radicals (which antioxidants neutralize) play an important role in creating wrinkles. So, it makes sense that antioxidants would make skin more youthful. Unfortunately, while the research is ongoing, there are currently no good scientific studies that show what type of topical antioxidant is effective. As of this writing, the only topical product that has been proven to improve wrinkles is Retin-A.

5. Products labeled “All Natural” are the best
Unfortunately, this term can mean just about anything, and cosmetics companies use it any way they want.

Bottom line is, that unless you make it yourself, ALL cosmetics and skin care products have synthetic ingredients in them. Just because a skin care product claims to be made from a plant does not mean that it is better for the skin than a product created in a lab…how MUCH of the plant? What ELSE does the plant do? What is used for fragrance, to make it smoother, to get it to stay on? All questions to consider before paying those outrageous prices for tiny amounts of “all natural” beauty products.

6. I can’t get herpes from someone who doesn’t have a rash
Understanding how the herpes simplex virus works is crucial to understanding how it causes lifelong infection.

Viral shedding can occur before a rash develops, making it possible to be infected after contact with normal appearing skin.

7. Dry skin causes wrinkles
Wrinkles are caused by many factors, as the skin ages. The microscopic changes are distinct and unmistakable. Even though wrinkled skin looks better when it is moisturized, there is no evidence that moisturizer has any effect on the microscopic skin damage. In other words, moisturizers do not have any long-term effect on wrinkles.

8. Expensive skin care products are better than inexpensive ones
The cost of a skin care product or cosmetic is absolutely NOT an indicator of effectiveness. The cosmetics industry would like people to believe that an expensive product has some special ingredient in it that makes it more effective. However, there are many products in every class that are effective and don’t come with a high price tag.

Better yet, there are many you can make yourself using REAL “all natural” ingredients and nothing else…More on that later.

9. Skin conditions can be cleared up quickly
Some skin conditions such as bacterial infections start improving as soon as you use the right medications. However, many skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis (a form of allergy where a hypersensitivity reaction such as dermatitis or asthma may occur in a part of the body not in contact with the allergen), psoriasis, and seborrhea are chronic, meaning they get better slowly with treatment and recur when the treatment stops.

10. Men don’t have as many skin problems as women
Men wrinkle as much as women and they get skin conditions such as acne, seborrhea, atopic dermatitis, and psoriasis just like women. Men also have other concerns surrounding facial hair.

Men may not spend as much money as women on wrinkle creams and other skin care products, but it’s just as important for them to use sunscreen and protect their skin.