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5 Things You Need To Be Careful About When Using Facebook

In 2006 a group of harvard students created facebook . Gather It was the first completely user friendly social networking site . So it becomes popular swiftly and now it have over 500 millions member . But are we safe on facebook ? People like to share everything on facebook . Thus we have made facebook a store house of our feelings and opinions . But does facebook make any misuse of this ? Are they cheating with us ? Here are few ways how facebook can cheat us :

Many companies always want to know peoples opinions and interests to make plans for their business . As we share all our feelings and opinions on our facebook profiles those companies may want to buy these profiles . Thus facebook may sell our information and destroy our privacy .

When you upload a photo on facebook , you give them permission to keep your photo on facebook server forever . That means you can’t delete your photo completely . By clicking delete you just make it invisible . But it remains on facebook server forever . Anytime they could publish it . So if you upload any creative work , you will lose you copyright . So be careful about uploading photos on facebook .

However these are just rumors . There is no good evidence that facebook is doing such evil . But still we are not safe on facebook . There are some other peoples who are always busy to do harm to us . Here i have described some important things you should be careful while using facebook to connect with friends :

Don’t trust every messages on facebook!!
Why?? What does this title means?? Before answering this , i want to share you a story…
One day i got a message on facebook from one of my friends . There he wrote :

hello buddy my mobile balance is finished . i’m alone in the home . i can’t go out to recharge money . plz transfer some money from your account . i will give you money 2morrow at school!! Oh sorry i forgot to tell you that i’ve changed my mobile number. my new mobile number is XXXXXXXXX”

as he was one of my best friends , i immediately transfer some balance to his mobile account . Next day at school , when i was talking with that friend by the by i asked him for money . Hearing this he became so suprised . I then told him about that message . But he told me that he did not even logged into facebook previous day . Then he went to facebook from his mobile and tried to log into his account but he failed . I then realized that actually his account had been hacked and that message was sent by this hacker .

I think you already have got the point . Yes friends .. what i wanna say is that don’t trust every messages on facebook even if it is sent from one of your close friends . Most importantly if the message contains any money request or proposal . So whats the solution ? Its easy.. Just confirm the message by calling or emailing your friend . Or you may ask him any question which is only known to your friend:)

Be Careful About Joining Facebook Groups & Before You “Like” Or Even Reporting A Fan Page
Yes, this is actually very serious! You should be very careful about what groups you join on Facebook! This may sound being very “hyper sensitive” about your FB profile but there have been many cases in which people have been fired from their jobs just because they had joined “objectionable” groups on Facebook. There are reports of Australian visa being refused to a Pakistani student just because he had created a fan page named “Al-Qaeda” (fan page was later removed). That student must have though that he lived in a “free world” where he could just say “anything about anything” but he forgot that the freedom of expression is still not fully free.

I am sure that you must know someone whose Facebook account was deleted by Facebook team just because he/she had been posting excessive material against a particular religion. You should avoid posting “offensive” or “sensitive” material. I know many cases in which people got their Facebook accounts deleted by the Facebook just because they had reported many anti-Islamic fan pages. If you have any report to make against any fan page, report it once or twice (max) and add a description as to why are you reporting against fan page. DO NOT keep on reporting against one single page as this could get your account blocked or deleted

Be Careful About Sharing Your Information On Facebook
Okay, we understand that you need to be on the Facebook to stay connected with your peers, friends and family. And yes, we know that deleting your Facebook account in order to safeguard your web profile is not a good solution. So the best known solution of staying connected through Facebook and not having your information leaked to unwanted people is to have your Facebook privacy settings in placed. You think this is a lame solution? We agree. This is not so cool sci-fi way of solving the privacy issue but unfortunately there is no alternative! If you want to keep your FB profile up then you got to resort to Facebook’s private setting! Facebook offers your highly customizable privacy setting which can be separately applied to many components.